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  • What is Blue Gain Profit ?

    Blue Gain Profit is an online investment company that deals in cryptocurrency trading and exchange. We have legal force and are officially registered in the UK

  • How to register with Blue Gain Profit and is it free ?

    Opening an account with us is absolutely free. We do not charge you any hidden fees or service charges. The commission on operations and additional costs is included in the company's profit from crypto trading. The registration process is very simple. Please register with us through the Register button above or click here. We urge you to read the terms and conditions page before you register with us.

  • What payment methods can i use to make a deposit?

    We work with Bitcoin & Ethereum.

  • What is the minimum withdraw?

    The Minimum withdraw is $100 for both Bitcoin and Ethereum.

  • How quickly are my investments processed?

    After ordering a payment in your account. Waiting time for funds to the wallet for payment systems Bitcoin and Ethereum - at least 3 network confirmations are required and this can take from 20 minutes to several hours.

  • How long does it take to process a request for withdrawal of funds?

    Withdrawal will be process 1 minutes up to 48 hours.

  • Do you offer an affiliate program?

    Yes, we offer an affiliate program of 10% commission. Anyone can take part in the development of the company by inviting new members and receiving a generous reward for this.

  • Do i need to invest to take part in an affiliate program?

    You don't need to apply for membership, own an industry web resource with a large audience of investors, or meet other abstract requirements to take part in a referral program. We assign each user a unique referral link immediately after registration, which you can already use to attract other investors by simply inviting them to Blue Gain Profit .

  • How to get my referral link?

    Please log in to your account. You will find your referral link in the dashboard as well as on the Referrals page.

  • I forgot my password- How do I reset it ?

    Please do not panic. You can reset your password through the Reset Password button or please contact our support staff.

  • How can I change my account e-mail?

    Once you have registered, we do not allow for the change of email for security reasons. If you wish to change your email still, please contact us.